Friday, 16 May 2014

The Stethoscope of Your Potential: 5 Reasons to Take Your P3M Pulse

Do you truly understand what your project management team's potential is?

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When you consider this, it's crucial to understand that when it comes to training budgets and allocation for companies, there is often high regard for the hot button course that can solve the problems. The perspective takes hold more often than not: "PRINCE2 is synonymous with project management. Let's get everyone on a course." Picked it + learned it = back to work with a certificate in tow. So you'd think.

But whither the days, weeks, months and first year after? Fact is, the everyday measurable results of those courses (aside from those that earned the passing grade) need to be followed up on: what did you get for all of that? Higher ups, quite reasonably, are going to want to know things like:

  •  - What did that course net your company?
  •  - Were the principles taught even applied in your working methodology, or are you faced with an 'in n scenario?
  •  - Was it a good spend of our resources? Are we getting a good ROI? Minimal? NONE WHATSOEVER!?!?

Take heart: you can avoid these budgetary Doomsday scenarios from the get go, thanks in part to our P3M-Pulse Capability Assessment Suite. Before you are five crucial reasons why a Capability Assessment with the heartbeat of your project capabilities makes sense and pence that brings you the returns you're looking for:
  1. Quick to Deploy With a Low Cost of Entry - The online service of the suite from P3M-Pulse means you can establish a fast turnaround of service, complete with a simple per person pricing model.
  2. Accurate from Project Assistant to Programme Director - P3M-Pulse Capability Assessment Suite prides itself on its ability to assess, measure & report on anyone or any size of project team, regardless of company size, team member experience or familiarity with the team.
  3. Improved Resource Management - With P3M-Pulse Reports, you'll walk away with a better appreciation for the personnel you have. Namely, our reporting highlights team member strengths and even unearths potential you may not have known existed. As a result, you can allocate the right people to the most accurately corresponding projects, based on the understood areas of expertise.
  4. Personal Development Plans That Align With Business Goals - Remember the PRINCE2 example from the opening? Turns out that some of those people might have been better suited for a different course: Project Management Fundamentals, PMP, Management of Value - anything, it turned out, but PRINCE2. If you choose P3M-Pulse, our results and recommendations will help define clear areas for improvement and associated training plans which can be aligned with the company's overall HR improvement goal. So you can attack training with a plan for what you need, as opposed to irrelevant courses that care-free, dis-invested trainers in the market are pushing left and right with complete disregard for what your company's values and business goals really are.
  5. P3M-Pulse is the Smart, Cost-Effective Way to Budget for Training Needs - With individual and team reports and training / improvement plans that benefit the project delivery as a whole, you'll realise clear cost saving by only spending on targeted training in known areas of weakness. And, oh yes: the training it turns out you're really looking for?
Identify Individual and Team Strengths & Weaknesses for Better Project Delivery - take your P3M-Pulse

Dan Strayer leads the Marketing department at p3m global. Connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+, and be sure to check out PM-Pulse on their new Google+ page today.
Image courtesy 401(k) 2013 @Flickr, re-used with permission.

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