Tuesday, 17 May 2016

PMO Roles Available

As a result of several new PMO mobilisations out of our UK & Middle East hubs, p3m global are searching for specialists in the following fields: 
Head of PMO Planners (scheduling & delivery coordination) 
RAID management Quality assurance Change controller 
Benefits Manager Project Administration PMO Analysts

 ...and a selection of Programme Management / Senior PM roles Sector specialists in government or defence/aviation will be an advantage currently but not essential. 

If you are interested, or can share to anyone else who might be interested, we will be accepting CVs at recruitment@p3mglobal.com

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Every Journey needs a Roadmap

Maturity models are extremely valuable in establishing an organisation’s current capabilities in project, programme and portfolio management (P3M) and providing a roadmap for future improvement. With uncertainty still hanging over the PMI’s OPM3 model, AXELOS’ Project, Programme and Portfolio Management Maturity Model (P3M3®) is now the leading global P3M maturity framework and p3m global, an AXELOS Consulting Partner (ACP), have discovered a bitesized way for you to benefit from it.

Last year (2015), AXELOS made some major revisions to P3M3, expanding it in both breadth and depth by including such additional elements as commercial management, asset management and behaviours. It has also been restructured to enable common ‘Threads’ across each of the Project, Programme and Portfolio models to be evaluated, in order to better diagnose areas of improvement across the Seven Perspectives. Lastly, the authors have deliberately improved alignment with other (non-AXELOS) methodologies and bodies of knowledge to make it more appealing for PMI/IPMA aligned organisations.

At a high level this new version (v3) is compatible with the previous version (v2) such that scores from 0 to 5 across each of the Perspectives remain valid. It is at this high level where significant value can be obtained from very little investment.

The AXELOS P3M3 Model

Within a few days, a facilitated self-assessment from p3m global can provide a good initial evaluation of an organisation’s capabilities in project, programme and portfolio management ensuring that it doesn’t have to cost a lot to find out where you are.

So why do one?
  • Map your route (and know why you’re going!): Evaluating and benchmarking current levels of P3M by discipline (Perspectives and Threads) can help justify the business case for improvement initiatives and provide clear performance metrics for these improvements in the future. Moreover, its structure can provide a convenient roadmap to success.
  • Stick to what’s important to YOU: Focus the improvements required to achieve levels that are desirable and appropriate to your particular organisation. There is no point in investing in the parts of P3M3 that your organisation does not value.
  • Wear the badge: a rapid, facilitated self-assessment can quickly establish a P3M3 maturity score for your organisation that can be easily translated to a full, official certification when you are ready, showing your customers and partners that you are serious about P3M.
  • Unlock the benefits of improved P3M maturity:
    • improved selection and delivery of the organisation's portfolio of projects and programmes ('doing the right projects and programmes' and 'doing the projects and programmes right')
    • improved realisation of value from investments
    • improved quality of deliverables leading to improved customer satisfaction
    • easier to maintain control of projects and programmes leading to improved employee satisfaction
    • improved predictability leading to better financial forecasting 

Will all this on offer for a fraction of the cost of a traditional CMMI or OPM3 assessment it’s not surprising that P3M3 is starting to take off.

Contact the p3m global team for details on +44 (0)1962 676 321 or email sales@p3mglobal.com

1 week assessment slots are currently available throughout June and July, contact the team today to ensure you don't miss the opportunity!