Monday, 8 September 2014

Join us at p3m global Events and our new LinkedIn Group

This announcement is for all of our followers both old and new:

Last May at our re-brand party at the IceTank in London, we officially announced our transition from the known and respected PM-Partner brand to the all-new p3m global brand. This unique celebration (click here or here for a look at a night out) gave us a chance to engage with some close #P3M). If you missed out, get in touch: we'd love to tell you about p3m global and perhaps see you at future p3m global events.

The reason for the announcement today is that September is when we officially adopt the p3m global name.

Related to that, another area we're making these changes is on LinkedIn, where we've long hosted a group dedicated to discussions of the matters close to all things p3m: training, development, assessment, competency, capability and much more. So as you join us for future p3m global events, we also invite you to take the time and join the p3m global LinkedIn Group: the PM-Partners LinkedIn Group will be no more as of this month.

It's our hope that followers take the chance to migrate from the expiring Group membership to its replacement, and that this announcement offers p3m global a chance to bring in new voices as well. Entities that you've known as PM-Partners and now p3m global remain intact and strong as ever.
connect with p3m global at our official LinkedIn Group

Thanks as ever for your interest in us - empower change, optimise delivery: p3m global.